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Hello, I'm Gloria Garrett. I created glorious journey photography for three reasons:

~ to spread beauty while building compassion for the people and places shown in my images

~ to raise funds for select non-profit organizations and

~ to empower people to make informed choices with creativity and joy by sharing inspirational news via the gjp Facebook page.

To place your order:
your favorite images from the gjp gallery.
Images are available as limited edition prints, canvases and note cards. See details on the gjp order form.
the non-profit you wish to support from the beneficiaries list. Half of the total purchase price of your items will be given to that non-profit organization in your honor. Fax your order form to 858.759.8977.
Mail your payment
to the mailing address on the order form. Your order will be shipped via UPS or FedEx – no Post Office Boxes, please.

Wishing you joy and peace
along the journey!

All rights are reserved for each image.
No image may be used or reproduced for any reason without written permission.

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